Summer Fondue Sessions #184

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20 октября 2013

Summer Fondue Sessions

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  1. Daft Punk — Giorgio By Moroder [Columbia]
  2. Kool & the Gang ft. Atomic Kitten — Ladies Night [EVA]
  3. JD73 — Into The Night (JD73’s Extended Mix) [Z Records]
  4. Dolls Combers pres. Venger Collective — I Want To Live (Pasha NoFrost NuDisco Re-Funk) [Dolls Combers Records]
  5. Hotel Atlantique — Я не умею танцевать [CD-R]
  6. Cunnie Williams — A World Celebration (Mousse T.’s Party Lick) [Peppermint Jam]
  7. Cerrone feat. Jocelyn Brown — Hooked On You (Jamie Lewis Main Mix) [Purple Music]
  8. Charisse Arrington — Down With This (Un-Released Grant Nelson Remix) [CD-R]
  9. Pirahnahead’s SOULCHESTRA ft. Eric King — Love Ballad (Main Vocal) [Whasdat Music]
  10. Random Soul — Hooked Up On Your Love (Shane D Vocal) [Random Soul Recordings]
  11. Fish Go Deep feat. Tracey K. — The Cure & The Cause (DJ Meme Philly Suite Mix 7″ Edit) [Strictly Rhythm ]
  12. Yolanda Wynn — I Know You, I Live You (Joey Negro Club Mix) [Z Records]
  13. Nate James — The Message (Messy Boys Vocal Remix) [OneTwo Records]
  14. Knee Deep — I’ll Be There For You (Knee Deep Classic Mix) [Fluential]
  15. Richard Earnshaw vs. Roger Sanchez — Unbelievable Change (DJ Soulmate Soul Color Mash-Up) [CD-R]
  16. Bobby D’ambrosio feat. Valerie Adams — Touch & Go (Original Classic Mix) [Osio]
  17. Barbara Tucker & Don Oliver — Better (Ray Paxon & Grooveprofessor Mix) [Milk and Sugar]
  18. Feet — Nightlife (David Doyle Remix) [RaFa Music]
  19. Jamiroquai — Main Vein (Knee Deep Classic Mix) [S2]
  20. Richard Earnshaw ft. Imogen Ryall — Cry Me A River (Richard Earnshaw Classic Vocal Mix) [Groovefinder]
  21. May J. & Daishi Dance — Garden (English Extended Version) [Urban Sound Project]

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