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Summer Fondue Sessions #192

Категории: DJ Soulmate, Podcast
9 Февраль 2014

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(mp3, 320kbps, 288Mb, скачано: 1812)


  1. Dolls Combers ft. James Vargas — Nathan (Reprise Mix) [Dolls Combers]
  2. Loosefingers — Dreaming of Better Days (Extended 12″ Version) [Alleviated]
  3. Rocco ft. Akram — Working Hard (Chymamusique Vocal Remix) [House Afrika]
  4. Jonny Montana ft. Stephanie Cooke — One 4 Me (Original Mix) [Camio]
  5. Balage ft. Louis Hale & Dolores Petersen — Thank You [Hermosa]
  6. New Believers ft. Ike Sofunky — Read My Mind (Drexmeister Rework) [Solitone Music]
  7. Jody Watley ft. Roy Ayers — I Love To Love (MAW 12 inch mix) [Ultra]
  8. Brent Laurence ft. Reggie Watts — Closer (Louis Benedetti’s Extended Vocal Mix) [Soulshine]
  9. Matthias ‘Matty’ Heilbronn ft. Terrence Russell — That Girl (Matty’s Soulflower Mix) [Wave Music]
  10. Kings Of Tomorrow — Another Day (Fanatix Vocal Mix) [Defected]
  11. Rocco Careri & Arturo Macchiavelli — Rock With You (Original Mix) [Maurice Joshua Digital]
  12. Simon Grey ft. Kylie Auldist — One (Simon Grey 2007 Version) [Double Shock]
  13. Oded Nir — Into Your Heart (Dutchican Soul Remix) [Suntree]
  14. Random Soul — It’s What You Got (Random Soul Vocal) [Random Soul Recordings]
  15. Tarantulaz ft. Monique Bingham — They Forgot It (Marques & Todd’s Takin It Back Mix) [OM Records]
  16. Mishal Moore — It Ain’t Over (Kenny Dope Extended Mix) [Ill Friction]
  17. This Is Rhythm ft. Natalie Williams — Please Don’t Call (Earnshaw’s Jazzroom Mix) [Duffnote]
  18. Everything But The Girl — Missing (Scott Wozniak Bootleg Mix) [CD-R]
  19. Brian Tappert and Grant Nelson — The Only Way ft. Vula (Shane D Remix) [Swing City]
  20. Oriental Funk Stew ft. J-O from House Rulez — Soul Light [Foundation Records]
  22. Delegation — Put A Little Love On Me [Ariola]

Summer Fondue Sessions #190

Категории: DJ Soulmate, Podcast
12 Январь 2014

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(mp3, 320kbps, 288Mb, скачано: 1979)

В сегодняшнем выпуске, после первого часа микса от DJ Soulmate, нас ждут наши старые друзья Паша NoFrost и Коля Smart со своим видением лучших треков ушедшего 2013-го года по версии их собственного шоу GRUVBOX.


  1. Miraflores — Riverbend’s Song (Original) [Stereoheaven]
  2. Fuel — Do 4 Love (Original House Mix) [Hed Kandi]
  3. Jask ft. Jocie — Beautiful (Moon Rocket’s Ristretto Mix) [Soulfuric]
  4. Hennings Project ft. Daryl Strodes — Can’t Wait (UPZ Phunky Mix) [soWHAT]
  5. Barbara Walker — Saved Me (Louis Benedetti’s Alternate Vocal Mix) [Soulshine]
  6. Richard Earnshaw — Feel Love (Decade Mix) [Duffnote]
  7. Flapjackers — Magic In Your Eyes [Sour Mash Audio]
  8. Corduroy Mavericks — Open Your Eyes [Flapjack Records]
  9. Rasmus Faber ft. Clara Mendes — Demanda (Miguel Migs Dub) [Farplane]
  10. Justin Michael & Blake Reary — Watching Her Move (Yogi & Husky Dub Mix) [Ultra]
  11. Vincent Kwok pr. Morrisson — After My Love (Vincent Kwok’s Pumped Up Mix) [Eight Fifteen]
  12. Volta Bureau — Alley Cat (Instrumental Mix) [Defected]

  14. Dolls Combers ft. Nicole Mitchell — Don’t Stop (DC Manchester Vocal Mix) [Dolls Combers Records]
  15. Samir Maslo — All My Love [In My House]
  16. Jamiroquai — Too Young To Die (Pasha NoFrost Funky Jam) [CD-R]
  17. Random Soul — Mysterious (Richard Earnshaw Vocal) [Random Soul Recordings]
  18. Antonello Ferrari & Jennifer Wallace — Make Room For Me (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix) [Z Records]
  19. Timmy Vegas ft. Kerry Davies — Get Yourself Together (Timmy’s B’ham Disco Authority Mix) [Z Records]
  20. Andrew Hartley & Michelle Weeks — My Deliverer (Pasha NoFrost Dizko Mix) [Rejoice Records]
  21. Funktransplant — The Thang (Kinky Movement Remix) [REPLAY DIGITAL]
  22. Jamie Lewis, Michelle Weeks, Natasha Watts, Marc Evans — Respect (Jamie Lewis goes Disco mix) [Purple Music]
  23. Mitch Matlock — No Apologies (Scott Diaz Remix) [Rejoice Records]
  24. Dutchican Soul — Get On Down (Kolya Smart Remix) [Salted Music]
  25. Rhemi ft. Lynn Lockamy — Warning (Rhemi’s Main Mix) [Rhemi Music]
  26. Chuck Love — Illusion (Original Mix) [Vino]
  27. Skream ft. Sam Frank — Rollercoaster (Dimitri From Paris Remix) [CD-R]
  28. Todd Terje — Strandbar (Disko Version) [Olsen Records]
  29. Robosonic & Adana Twins, Michael Grey Danism & Rae — Remember La Fique (Pasha NoFrost & Kolya Smart Sunbreeze Special Mash) [CD-R]
  30. Bobby D’Ambrosio feat Jamelle — Christmas Tree (Osio Classic) [King Street Sounds]

Summer Fondue Sessions #188

Категории: DJ Soulmate, Podcast
15 Декабрь 2013

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(mp3, 320kbps, 288Mb, скачано: 1676)

Сегодня в первом часе у нас гостевой микс от Олега Deepolsky из Финляндии. Олег родом из Питера, диджеингом увлёкся в 2000-м году. Начинал крутить пластинки с достаточно агрессивной музыки, но постепенно под влиянием таких артистов, как Mark Farina, Fred Everything и Miguel Migs, перешёл на светлую сторону. :)
Во втором часе программы с вами снова Артём Soulmate. Enjoy!


  1. Osunlade — Dionne [Yoruba]
  2. El Nino Sa — This Is Not Jazz (Main Instrumental Mix) [Masango Media Group]
  3. SK95 — Land of Dreams (Main Mix) [Dnh]
  4. Soundealers — Calling on You (A Rancido Soul Oddesey Mix) [King Street]
  5. Irfan Rainy — It’s Your World (Deeper NY Club Mix) [Rain City Music]
  6. Soulplate — 1000 Words (D-Reflection Remix) [Soulplate Records]
  7. Steven Stone — Temptation (Original) [Soul Deluxe]
  8. Volta Cab — I Feel Good in My Skin (Ray Mang & Severino Remix) [Lost Paradise]
  9. De Sal — Ain’t Nobody Loving Me but You (Benny T Remix) [Melomania Records]
  10. Dolls Combers — That’s The Way That I Love You (Dc Original Mix) [Dolls Combers Records]
  11. Rune — Take Me Away (DJ Bullet’s Deeper Mix) [Tainted House]

  13. DJN Project — Take You Away (Main) [Vega]
  14. LEM ft. Christa — Simple (Deep Album Mix) [Urban Lounge Music]
  15. Soularis feat. Norman Anderson — Feellin Love (Earnshaw’s Classic Vocal Mix) [Sun Soaked]
  16. Shaun Escoffery — Days Like This (Spen & Karizma Remix — Retouched) [Quantize Recordings]
  17. Pulse ft. Antoinette Roberson — The Lover That You Are (Shane D Remix) [CD-R]
  18. East West Affair — The World in My Eyes (Original Mix) [Seamless]
  19. Ricardo Rae feat. Kristie Glab — True Love (Random Soul mix) [Serial Thriller]
  20. Block & Crown ft. Veiga — We Live Forever (Original Mix) [PornoStar Records]
  21. Arena Bros — Money (Paolo Faz More Vocals Mix) [Distar]
  22. Chris Nigel — Mighty Elements [Modulate Goes Digital]
  23. Jay Vegas — Paradise (Original Mix) [Guesthouse]