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Summer Fondue Sessions #176

Категории: DJ Soulmate, Podcast
30 июня 2013

Summer Fondue Sessions

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  1. Natasha Watts — Go Slow (Mark Di Meo Reprise) [SedSoul]
  2. Dolls Combers ft. Ashya Roberts — Lies (Original Mix) [Dolls Combers Records]
  3. Seb Skalski ft. Donald Sheffey — I am Over You (Original Mix) [Purple Music]
  4. Corduroy Mavericks — Take ‘Em 2 Church (Original Mix) [Odour Recordings]
  5. Vincent Kwok & Random Soul — Come To Life (Random Soul Vocal Mix) [Eight Fifteen]
  6. Fudge ft. Mani Hoffman — Road To Freedom [Stalwart]
  7. Henri Josh ft. Oriana — Be My Baby (Original Mix) [Symphonik Records]
  8. Antonello Ferrari ft. Jennifer Wallace — Make Room For Me (Joey Negro Disco Boogie Dub Extravaganza) [Z Records]
  9. Pray for More ft. Ceevox — Can’t Fake The Feeling (Pray for More’s in Love with Mjuzieek Remix) [Mjuzieek Digital]
  10. Soul Cola — Hit The Morning Beat (Original Mix) [Reelgroove]
  11. Rachel Claudio & Babas D & Ralf Gum vs EBTG — Wrong Butterflies (djm Mashup) [CD-R]
  12. Souldynamic ft. Angela Johnson — Love (Original Mix) [Tony Records]
  13. Ray Paxton ft. Sybille & Freda Gottlett — Music is My Shelter (Vocal Dub) [Purple Music]
  14. Andrea Carissimi Soul Project — Brand New Day (Original Mix) [Just4Funk]
  15. Audiowhores ft. Blu — After The Party (Vocal Mix) [Soulfuric Deep]
  16. Johnick ft. Krista — Open Up Your Eyes (Nassau Remix) [Ghetto Freaks]
  17. Boris Dlugosch ft. Roisin Murphy — Never Enough (Fusion Groove Orchestra Vocal Mix) [Peppermint Jam]
  18. AK — Say That You Love Me (Eric Kupper Japanese Remix — Danny Krivit Edit) [Pantone]
  19. Ralf GUM ft. Jocelyn Mathieu — Everything (Ralf GUM Main Mix) [GOGO Music]
  20. Studio Apartment ft. Kenny Bobien — Isn’t She Lovely [New World]
  21. Chieko Kinbara — Stay With Me (Rasmus Faber Original Mix) [RaFa Music]
  22. Rahni Harris & F.L.O. — Six Million Steps (West Runs South) [Inspirational Sounds]

Summer Fondue Sessions #175

Категории: Podcast
16 июня 2013

Summer Fondue Sessions

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  1. Horatiu Dumitrescu — Reality Check [4 2 The Floor Records]
  2. Mass Digital — Late Night Ride (Original Mix) [Headset Recordings]
  3. Michael Mclardy & Dudley Strangeways — Can’t Sleep (Original Mix) [Deep Edition Recordings]
  4. Ozzi — Not Many (Original Mix) [All Over It Records]
  5. Rafael Yapudjian ft. Tasita D’mour — Justify My Love (Marcelo Nassi Remix) [A Casa Records]
  6. Poncho Warwick vs Wallly Callerio — Who Will Comfort Me (Deep Funk Mix) [Sampled Recordings]
  7. Nature Love — Santrope (Some More) (Union Effect DISKOvery Soul Vocal Mix) [Smooth Agent]
  8. Anto Vitale ft. Heidi Vogel Levo — Taxi Nights (Deep Inc Vocal Remix) [Camio]
  9. Neil Thompson & Nicole Mitchell — Facade (Danny Clark Vocal Mix) [Solid Ground Recordings]
  10. Sir Piers & Los Amigos Invisibles ft. Shaun Escoffery — She’s Gone Away (Sir Piers ‘Curious’ Main Mix) [Curious]
  11. Alfa Flite — Long Time (Fred Flite’s Longer Edit) [Llama Farm Recordings]
  12. MJ — Rock With You (Matt Early Remix) [CD-R]
  13. E. People ft. C. Robert Walker — We Loved (Maxi Summer Mix) [Sunnyside Up]
  14. Ondagroove — Bassfinger [Deep Nota]
  15. The Great Pretender — Urban Edit [House Warming Music]
  16. Petrus — For U (Original Mix) [Deepjacking Recordings]
  17. XJN — Back To Work (Bryan Jones Remix) [Coyote Cuts Recordings]
  18. Alex Augello — Another Love (Original Mix) [Boogie Basics]
  19. Nico K — Back Together (South Of Rossevelt Mix) [Blackcherry]
  20. Mr Shandaar — Lose Control (Original Mix) [Juiced Music]
  21. Francesco De Argentis — House of Happiness (Original Mix) [Tall House Digital]
  22. Lucas Keizer — Naked Science [Tango]

Summer Fondue Sessions #174

Категории: DJ Soulmate, Podcast
2 июня 2013


  1. Dolls Combers ft. James Lavonz — Nothing Lasts Forever (The Funklovers Soul Mix) [Dolls Combers Records]
  2. Marcus Johnson ft. Maysa — Hold On (Dave Doyle Remix) [Three Keys]
  3. Groove Junkies pres. Solara — Sunshine (Sol Brillante) (Soul Excursion Dub) [MoreHouse]
  4. Carlos Silva ft. Nelson Freitas & Q-Plus — Cre Sabe 2008 (Knee Deep Club Mix) [Novelle Recordings]
  5. Scott Diaz & Sheree Hicks — You’re Unforgettable (Scott’s Nitric Dub) [connect:d]
  6. Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams — Get Lucky (Rob Hayes Club Edit) [CD-R]
  7. Phil Good ft. Indira Khan — Bring Me Up (Original Club Mix) [Soulmagic]
  8. Shawn Christopher — You Can Make It (Jamie Lewis Classic Mix) [Soulfuric]
  9. Brandi D — Love It (Shane D Remix) [Maurice Joshua Digital]
  10. Andrea Carissimi ft. Brent St. Clair — Straight Up (Andrea’s Funk Dub) [Just4Funk]
  11. DJ Ax ft. Charles Dockins — My Fathers Arms (Maurice Joshua Remix) [Maurice Joshua Digital]
  12. Klaide ft. Julio Cesar & Hanna Marine — Don’t Look Any Further (Original Mix) [Purple Music]
  13. MuSol & Central Ave ft. Pete Simpson & Natasha Watts — I Believe (Roed Svensk Classic Remix) [Barcoda]
  14. Yass ft. Inaya Day — Bring It Up (Classic Mix) [King Street]
  15. Central Avenue — Need Your Lovin (Original Mix) [Gossip Records]
  16. Antonio Eudi ft. D’Queen — Your Smile (Cesar Funck Remix) [Aquatique Records]
  17. BC Groovin Society ft. A. Salih — City Lights (Vincent Vincent Kwok’s Classic Mix) [Transitori]
  18. Movi-Starr — The Way We Jazz [Solo Traxx]
  19. Thomas Brown — Do It My Way (Original Mix) [ReVinyl]
  20. Jackin Box — Don’t Mean a Thing (Original Mix) [Funk Mansion]
  21. Giano — Ol Man Mose (Extended Outro) [Tequila Trax]

  23. Carol Douglas — Midnight Love Affair [RCA Victor]

Summer Fondue Sessions В 174м эпизоде Summer Fondue Sessions dj Soulmate пустился во все соулфульные. Так что Bring It Up и Don’t Look Any Further, потому что Sunshine, а ведь Nothing Lasts Forever! Get lucky! :))

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